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We are James Abel and Charlie Johnston.  We have always had a passion for exploring new parts of the world and learning about new cultures.  We started by visiting cities throughout the country and then were ready to expand our travels to other locations around the world.  Once we set foot on our first cruise ship we knew right away that cruising was going to be a great way to experience the world while enjoying a relaxing vacation at the same time.  We began recruiting friends and family to go on cruises and experience all of the excitement a vacation at sea has to offer.  We helped our friends and family plan their entire trips, from flights to hotels to cruise staterooms and excursions—and everyone has always had a great time.  This passion and excitement to share with friends and family turned into the business we have today.


Being busy with all that life has to throw at you, we can help you plan your perfect land or sea based vacation.  We specialize in planning for groups and can help take the burden off searching and trying to please everyone. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is having an excellent vacation.  We have planned trips for weddings, family trips and groups of friends just looking to get away, and have the expertise to make sure you get the vacation you want with the amenities you deserve.  


We look forward to helping you plan your dream vacation!  

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