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Cruise packing tips.

Later this month, we will be boarding the Celebrity Summit, pictured below, for the Gifted Travel Network conference. We are starting to pull items to pack our bags and wanted to share our packing list with you. We have been on many cruises and every time we come back, we find another item that we should have brought with us. Below are just a few items that we have added to our list.

  1. Air Freshener. This comes in handy in a small room and will help with in the bathroom too.

  2. Highlighter. You can use this to highlight the activities you want to do in the daily planner.

  3. Power Strip. The cabins only have a few outlets so this make it easier to plug in your electronics. Just make sure it doesn't have a surge protector.

  4. Zip Lock Baggies. You can use these to put your phone or other items in that you don't want to get wet at the beach or pool.

  5. Wrinkle Release. Pack your favorite wrinkle release spray. This will help when you are unpacking your suit case. Spray your clothes before you hang them up.

  6. Night Light. Pack a battery operated night light for the bathroom. This will be easier on the eyes than turning on those bright florescent lights.

  7. Magnetic Hooks. Most of the walls are magnetic and you can hang up items like bags, hats, or even a light jacket.

  8. Towel Clips. We use these when we are hanging out on the sun deck or laying on the beach. It can be a bit windy so they will keep your towels in place.

  9. Poncho. Pack a cheep dollar store poncho that comes in one of those tiny little packages. You can pull it out of your bag if you need it.

  10. Lanyard. Bring a lanyard to hold your set sail pass.

  11. Paper And Pen. These come in handy when you want to leave your room steward a message that you maybe need some extra towels or a new box of facial tissues.

  12. Small Flashlight. We each have one on the night stands. If you need to get up in the middle of the night you can use this instead of disrupting your roommate by turning on the overhead lights.

  13. Draw Sting Bag or Backpack. These are very useful on port days when you are walking around to different shops or on an excursion.

  14. Small Purse or Wallet. Use these on port days so you only bring what you need. It is not necessary to bring your whole wallet or purse with you. Better to leave those in the room safe.

  15. Re-Usable Water Bottle. You're not only bringing something to help with your thirst, you would also be helping the environment.

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