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Stuck at home: problem solved

Hello fellow lovers of travel. I don't know about you but we are optimistically waiting for this pandemic to come to an end. Sporting events are being canceled, schools and colleges are closing and now here in Minnesota the bars and restaurants have closed their doors. Things are different than normal now but hopefully soon will get back to what we have been used to, but in the mean time, start thinking about where you'd like to go next.

Many of you have kids (or significant others) at home and are looking for ideas on how to keep them engaged and keep them learning. I know this because many of you are posting about it on Facebook.

We would recommend taking a trip around the world, or to a specific destination with your kids, spouse, family--don't panic, not an actual trip...yet. Have your kids spend time researching, learning and exploring a region, country, or city. Learn about the language and how to say a few words or sentences. Learn about the transportation systems and how they work. Get in the kitchen and learn how to make some traditional dishes from the area. This would be fun for the rest of the family too as they will be able to try out some new foods. Learn about the money and pay your kids in the new currency (you'll probably have to have your kids use their artistic skills to make some play currency) to do some chores around the house. Don't forget music time- learn to sing a song in your new countries language and get your exercise by learning the dance moves that go along with that new song.

Ok so now you and your family know all about this new country or region of the world. What do you do next? You go there! School will be out for a while so it will fall on your shoulders to put together a "graduation"--and yes you can graduate from any grade. What makes graduation even better? A great graduation gift. May we suggest a trip to the new location that you learned all about. You already know how to get around, what foods you like, how to speak, sing, dance, and how to navigate their economy. Remember, not all education takes place in the classroom. Consider this the best field trip ever.

Now is the perfect time to start planning a trip for later this year and into next year. We have already started planning with several people on where they would like to go when the coast is clear. Some of our clients have made plans to go to Italy at the end of this year while others are booking their cruises for 2021. You can check out our upcoming trips below and maybe you can join us.

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