Silent Dance Party!

We just returned from the Gifted Travel Network(our host agency) conference on board the beautiful Celebrity Summit cruise ship. while we were sailing we had an opportunity to enjoy delicious food, fantastic drinks, wines from around the world, outstanding service from a crew coming from over 60 countries to serve us and beautiful view of the ocean, under the water, and the islands we visited. We participated in many fun events while we were on the ship, including my personal favorite pictured below - a silent disco - look it up on YouTube and then call us to book a cruise so you can experience it for yourself. You can thank me later.

In addition to all of these things we also had a chance to connect with old and new travel agent friends from around the country. We had a great time sharing experiences and learning about new things we know our clients will enjoy. We also heard some great stories that serve as important reminders as to why you should always use a travel agent when you are going on vacation. We can help you if and when something goes wrong, missed flight- we can help, last minute hotel need- we can help, hungry- we can get breakfast included for free, want a private tour- we’ve got you covered. The reasons go on and on…and we’ve discussed many of them before.

For this edition we thought we would go the other way and share some of the funniest questions that are asked of travel professionals.

Q: I’d rather not sit by someone else on the plane. Can you have them leave an empty seat next to me?

A: Sure, it costs the price of another ticket.

Q: Will the beach be sandy?

A: We hope so, otherwise we’ve been sending a lot of people to the wrong beaches.

Q: I’d like to go to Europe and explore many of the countries there. I don’t want to fly or go by ship. How can I get there?

A: I guess if you can swim that far an Olympic medal might be in your future.

Q: Can we bring our whole family on our honeymoon?

A: You can but it might not be the best idea.

And finally, my favorite question:

Q: Does the cruise ship’s crew sleep on board?

A: After the last passenger goes to sleep small boats come and pick them up and then returns them in the morning before the first person wakes up. Of course they sleep on board the ship…where else would they go.

There are definitely no stupid questions but there are surely some funny ones, and we are happy to answer all of them for you. We look forward to answering all of your travel related questions. Remember, the holidays are coming up and travel always makes a great gift.

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